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What They Say

Over the years, Rock Haven has hosted many guests. Here are their comments about our B&B:

What a find! To allow us to share your home was a privilege. Must be the best B&B we have ever stayed in…… Best wishes for the future

Jim and Erik and Joy, England’s Barmy Army on tour. U.K. April 11, 2015

Thank you so much…A veritable “home for home” in terms of comfort and service and a lovely place to stay. Having the famous Doctor Blake as your personal taxi driver makes you feel very special. Can’t wait to come again!

Andy Thompson, England’s Barmy Army, U.K. April 10, 2015

Thank you so much for your great hospitality! You gave me always such a great support in information and with always giving me a ride. The breakfast was every day a new surprise and made with a lot of love by Beverly. Your place is very colourful and gave a very caring feeling. I would recommend Rock Haven to anyone who will visit St. Kitts.

Erwn Ruijsink, Curacao. April 3, 2015

Once again thank you for your warm and gracious hospitality. The lovely setting, beautiful weather and above all the fantastic breakfasts are all part of this but it is the love of you that make it happen.

Luisa and Ron Attivissimo, Forest Hills, N.Y. March 26, 2015

We have so very much enjoyed the past two weeks at Rock Haven. You, Beverly and Keith have made us feel so comfortable and welcomed. The breakfasts were far beyond our expectations! We love St.Kitts and hope to visit again. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality!

Kathy and Bob Wood, March 18, 2015

Thanks so much for the warm hospitality, beautiful accommodations (and landscaping!), and delicious meals. It was a perfect place for our toddler to run around (safely) in the yard and he loved your couches with all the pillows. We thoroughly enjoyed our four nights here. Thanks so much!

The Wolf Family, March 3, 2015

Before coming to the Caribbean we had lots of imagination – beautiful Caribbean, beautiful St. Kitts, everything is new and wonderful but what brought to us by Rock Haven and you is far beyond all these. We spent our vacation here for Chinese Spring Festival which is the biggest traditional holiday for Chinese and which is a holiday for family members to be reunited. We are here but feel like at home still with our family . Lovely garden;, beautiful view, comfortable environment, great breakfasts full of love, very thoughtful and careful hostess all these made us feel happy and grateful every day. We hope all our Chines folks can know there is such a beautiful place and people on the other side of the earth. We will come back again for sure. Best Wishes!

Ganqing Zhao, Hangzhon, China. February 26, 2015

We had a lovely stay here and thoroughly enjoyed meeting you both and learning more about St. Kitts ! Thank you so much for your warmth, hospitality, and help – especially picking us up at the airport! Please also thank Beverly for all her hilp as well. You’ve all introduced us to a beautiful part of the world, and we hope to come visit again sometime!

Laurie Johnson & Scott Keller, Harvard, MA USA. february 21, 2015

Many thanks to you both for letting us share your wonderful conversation and company. As for most things in life, our time here was far too short but a further trip to St.Kitts is almost guaranteed! Our time in St. Kitts has  been a wonderful experience, as it is in almost the whole of the Caribbean – mostly sure to the fantastic welcome one gets. And here is no exception. Once again thank you both very very much – also to Beverly – for making us feel as incredibly at home. ’Til next time.

Sue & Ian Morrish, February 16, 2015