A Home Solar Installation For The Production Of Water From The Air Is Presented

A Home Solar Installation For The Production Of Water From The Air Is Presented

Even though at the moment the issue of depletion of drinking water reserves does not rise too often, nevertheless fresh water is gradually coming to an end, so many companies are already engaged in creating solutions for “alternative” water extraction. One such company is the American company ZeroMassWater, which introduced a domestic system for obtaining water directly from the air.

At the core of the system are solar hydro-panels, which are externally almost indistinguishable from the standard solar cells, except that there are individual metal cavities beneath them. Solar hydro-panels with the help of fans exhaust the atmospheric air and drive it through a particular material inside which draws moisture out of the sky. After that, the received water enters the reservoir located under the hydro panels, where it is purified to a state close to distilled water. After that water is enriched with trace elements, and it becomes suitable for consumption. Also, there is a standard solar cell on the hydro panel, which provides the necessary energy for all internal parts. One installation from ZeroMassWater produces up to 5 liters of water daily.

However, if you are planning to buy such a setup, this will result in a tidy sum. One set from ZeroMassWater costs $ 2,000, and the installation will have to spend another $ 500. The first installations are already being tested in Lebanon, Ecuador, Jordan, the Philippines, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the United States. In January 2018, developers are planning to demonstrate the device to the public within the CES 2018, which will be held in Las Vegas.

Is It Profitable To Sunbathe On Solar Energy?

The process of mining crypto-currency is associated with some additional cash costs. In addition to a one-time purchase of expensive equipment, you have to pay tidy sums for electricity regularly. And what will happen if you abandon conventional power from the outlet and switch to solar panels, which will supply the farms for electricity mining? Consider.

Firstly, to start running with the help of solar energy, one must live where this sun is full all year round, or wait until new batteries are available for sale, capable of producing electricity with the same efficiency around the clock. But we live here and now, so let’s imagine ourselves somewhere in a warm and sunny place, and we’ll go to Alibaba, where there is such an aggregate on sale.

Yes, one farm consumes about one kilowatt per hour, but this is not enough, and experts recommend that you multiply the required power by four to get the commended performance on the output.

We are looking for a ready-made kit. Such, for example. The complete 4 kW system costs $ 3,600, but given the need to buy batteries here and pay for shipping, it’s already about five thousand dollars.

Let one kWh costs 5 rubles. Thus, for 365 days the farm spends electricity on 700 dollars, which means that another five years – and the solar installation of the necessary dimensions and capabilities will just be repulsed. Is not it more profitable to invest in one more farm?

Conclusion: the solar energy for mining is suitable, but it’s better somehow still without it.